20-22 APRIL 2017

This is sponsored by Heart Attack Concern Kenya and the Pan African Society of Cardiology. 


Africa STEMI Live! 2017 follows on from the inaugural meeting in 2016 and will be the largest meeting ever convened in Sub Saharan Africa to address the issue of Heart attacks. The meeting brings together heart attack specialists from around the world and promises to examine systems and processes in the region and evaluate solutions for challenges that are currently being faced in the emergency treatment of this condition. The core of experts come from North America, Europe, the UK, China, India, the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, South Africa and East Africa. 


This meeting brings together the key stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa to formalize a strategy for preparedness against this major killer. It provides an opportunity for training of healthcare providers and draws public attention to this key health issue and the identifying symptoms. It is expected that this will kick start public awareness initiatives around the country and will serve as a platform for sustained efforts to reduce mortality rates from heart attacks.


The attendees will include all the health care personnel involved in the patient journey from the moment the patient suffers chest pain to the moment they call an ambulance, from the moment they arrive in hospital to the moment they are seen by a medical officer, from the moment they are seen by a cardiologist or heart surgeon to the moment they have their clot removed. In this journey are ambulance technicians, doctors, nurses, cardiac cath lab teams, emergency department teams and funders including insurance companies. Likewise, senior government officials from the region are expected to attend.

Stent - Save a life! Forum

15 MAY 2017