Our vision

Our vision is to reduce mortality and morbidity arising from heart attacks in Kenya

Our Goals

Our goals are to improve:

1. awareness among the public about the risk factors for heart attacks and the important symptoms

2. diagnosis and recognition of heart attacks among health care professionals

3. access to diagnostic facilities in Kenya

4. access to resuscitation therapy

5. availability of essential drugs in primary care centres

6. referral systems to ensure that patients are treated in well-equipped heart attack centres

Our Initiatives

1. Education - We organize public awareness education programs and specialist training for emergency teams involved in heart attack treatment, including ambulance technicians, nurses and doctors. In addition, we provide support for medical schools in curriculum development.

2. Research - We undertake projects involving local data collection including an acute coronary syndrome registry, to inform and develop customized and sustainable solutions for Kenya

3. Implementation - We partner with public and private medical institutions to ensure that they are well-prepared with necessary drugs and equipment for heart attack treatment. We lobby drug and device companies, health-care insurance providers and relevant Kenyan authorities to ensure accessibility and affordability of heart attack treatment.

Our heart attack survivor forum supports patients and their relatives and the general public and provides a space for people to share their experiences.